Space in the context of the informal and a rebellious expressionism sometimes figurative, use brushes but also random castings of color, collages and assemblages of different materials on paper, canvas or wood supports carrying out an in-depth research of materials even not involved in fine arts such as industrial enamels and paper napkins, or fabrics.

I use for my studies different media such as photography, painting, sculpture and installation to investigate the outside world and emotions. A constant feature of mine in recent years is the collage technique as a development of the random castings of enamels and glitters of the early years of the two thousand.

I investigate the plant and animal nature, human and canine, trying to represent the ferocity that distinguishes us. I dwell on the unfathomable, the incurable, as a punk form of rebellion, in my works a direct, spontaneous and genuine emotion shines through. Essential art characterized by strong traits and influences of street art and graffiti. To be there and not to appear. Ethics of existence to live with adversity. What I propose is a journey through the violence of today’s life between humanity and inhumanity, joy and despair, love and hate for a life that is increasingly difficult to face especially in metropolitan cities.

At the same time, my totally abstract works on paper propose a new approach to reality studied, reworked and presented in a simpler key. I present new solutions of living by bringing back an aesthetically pure way for a theoretical-aesthetic approach to the theme. Alongside my visual work to a parallel poetic production, which develops the same themes, from 2012 to today I have published five syllogs of poetry and three limited editions.